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are the principles that guide us.



Our aim is to provide all our partners the opportunity to fulfill their potential of living a life they love. This is achieved by offering a combination of transformative wellness products and profitable business opportunities. We believe that each person is unique and gifted and deserving of every opportunity to succeed to the fullest extent. We believe that by helping people help others and by providing the right tools, people will seize the opportunity available to them and achieve their personal goals while being a positive contributor to society at large.  

One of the biggest concerns of our generation is our health. Especially in these trying times, we need products that can harness the best that nature has to offer so that we can lead healthier lives.  IQMK Global’s Core Values are: 

INTEGRITY – promise made; promise kept!             
QUALITY – the highest industry standard!             
MINDSET – creating success and health!   
KNOWLEDGE – applied effectively is POWERFUL!  


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